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Short Intro:

Swedish International Circle Enterprise pvt ltd ("SICE") is a casting Foundry, and metal scrap and European Foundry Coke trading company with many years experience in the metal recovery sector. We have steadily grown and our business framework encompasses both the domestic and the international markets. Nowadays, scrap metal importation is one of the cornerstones of our business model. Thanks to our continuous improvement and our good work, we are positioned as a model company in the sector. We are a 21st century company.

Our activities range from: manufacturing Silicon Carbide crucibles and Graphite crucibles, the other foundry casting products, importation of metal scrap and Foundry coke from Europe.

When selling and buying from our company, we can deliver worldwide to suit your timescales, and comply with all recycling and environmental legislation; hence you are re-assured that your scrap metal product will be handled by true professionals. It is this commitment to customer service that has allowed us to grow, becoming direct suppliers of various grades of scrap metal material to an emerging global market.

At SICE, our customers requirements are dealt with the uttermost professionalism in mind. If you are searching for an International Scrap Metal trading company to fulfill your requirements, then you have come to the right place! We would be delighted to hear from you regarding your queries.

Customers can rely on our experience, knowledge and skills, both in the foundry and our manufacturing, to deliver quality castings. We manufacture different products for different clients and we assure ISO quality & standard.




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